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The Jaeger Chronometric Speedometer

Was British made throughout and is incomparably was finest speedometer obtainable_  manufactured in a Works which was specially built to make Escapements and other Clock parts where scientific accuracy is required . In these Works, manufacturing limits of 'oo05 in. were habitual. The design and construction of the Jaeger Speedometer is on the lines of a watch ; in fact, it incorporates an escapement . As the result of this design, no matter how severe the vibration from bad roads, the hand remains absolutely steady and records with unfailing accuracy . This Chronometric principle of construction demands a considerably higher precision of workmanship than that ordinarily associated with such instruments. In the racing world most famous drivers pin their faith to the Jaeger racing instruments on their cars. P-Thi f` It is of interest to note that the following British manufacturers of high grade motor-cars standardise Jaeger instruments on their productions : Crossley. Humber. Lea-Francis. M.G. Riley. Rover. S. Singer. Standard. Sunbeam. Talbot. Triumph. Etc ., Etc.

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Tel +44 (0) 115 9206156